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Reporter 5



Used Google translator

     The Reporter 5, or Hungarian Riporter 5, and in Russian the –епортер 5. Portable bobbin dictophone made in Hungary, in Budapest the company "Mechanikai Laboratorium" it is probable since 1965. His applicability is clear from the name, and really such dictophones long time were used in the USSR for record of reportings.

Photos can be enlarged


     The design of the recorder is designed for use in harsh environments, and a durable metal housing, and the trunk of a thick skin extra protection against shocks. Dimensions recorder without coffer 227 x 180 x 70 mm. Weight 2.6 kg without batteries. It is used tape width of 6.3 mm on spools up to 10 cm in diameter. The speed of the magnetic tape 9.53 sm/sec. Recording is made on the whole width of the tape. There rewind. Power supply 9 v on six batteries, type D, or from an external power source. Wiring is collected on transistors 13 - AC107 (2 pcs.), OC1045 (7 pcs.), OC1074 (3 pcs.), OC1016 (1 pc.). There are connectors (DIN-5) to connect a microphone, an external power supply, headphones, or other external devices. There is also a volume control / recording level dial gauge and power control / record level. To control the power supply press the button next to the indicator. With the recorder you have a dynamic microphone (200 ohms) with a telescopic stand and retractable tripod stand.
     This recorder was manufactured in 1970, and still works well. I like this unit. In spite of the simple design, it looks okay, especially complete with the original microphone.
     Operating Instructions with the circuit diagram can be downloaded here.


     The recorder may well be used without false panels, and maybe even more convenient way. I think, in this form it looks better seen rotating guide rollers, there is a hint of resemblance to Stellavox Sm5. By the way, constructively Reporter 5 is really made based Stellavox Sm5. This is evidenced by the kinematics scheme and layout design. In both cases, the electronics board with the front panel is inserted into the recorder housing and is connected to the bottom connector them.


     Dynamic microphone with an impedance of 200 Ohm coil. The design of the original, stand tripod folded turns into convenient handle, which extends from the strut. When fully extended microphone stand has a height of 63 cm. It weighs 300 grams.


     Kinematics on one engine with electronic stabilization ensures constant belt speed of 9.53 cm/s with an accuracy of less than 2%. Stabilizer engine speed is assembled on a long, narrow board mounted on the wall along the battery compartment. Powerful control transistor (OC1016) bolted near the metal housing as the radiator. Next to the stabilizer is 14-pin connector for connection with electronics. The mechanism used rubber belt 3, one of which is flat. There rewind, fast forward there. This flywheel has sectoral markup to fine-tune the rotation speed using a strobe light.


The electronics board from the front panel. It collected all the electronics, except for the engine speed regulator.




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