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    Dictaphone Dictet Recorder.    Manufactured "Dictaphone corp. New York "U.S. It is known that these recorders were produced in the second half of the 50s, the first mention of it I found in the January issue of the magazine "Tape Recording" for 1957. Known that these recorders were made in the second half of the 50-ies. This is a serious and perhaps a professional staff, particularly interesting because it uses the original cassette tape width ¼ inch. Other models, to use such a tape, apparently does not exist. Dimensions 143 x 79 tapes x 11 mm. Weight: 125 grams. Case metal, cast aluminum, which are located inside the coil with tape, and metal. On one side you can do 30 minutes of recording at a speed of 6.3 cm / sec.

Video review

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    Construction recorder Basically metal. His weight 1,2 kg. Dimensions 160 x 113 x 50 mm. It consists of a body in a box, and deck, which is placed kinematics and electronics. The soundboard is inserted into the body from above. Housing cast, made of light aluminum alloy. It is the battery compartment for the three batteries. The engine used on 2 mercury batteries to 6 v, and another 6 v battery powered electric system. Batteries power the engine were designed for 20 hours, and battery wiring for 40 hours. They are inserted through the rectangular window in the side of the hull, and screwed the lid closed. Inside the case there is a four-pin connector, which derive power from the batteries. The deck also has a jack that plugs into the connector body at assembly.

    Kinematics of the recorder made very high-tech. Traffic on the flywheel - capstan transmitted from the engine through a system of gears and belt. Flywheel mass is connected to the node winding gear, and to rewind is a rubber roller. Due to the fact that you are using a lot of gears, the mechanics of a rather noisy. To control regimes, there are two lever, located on the front of the chassis. One of the knobs - "On - Off", the second - "Record - Rep - Rewind". Unlike modern cassette recorder, capstan and the pinch roller in this design are located in the middle, and head to one side.

     The rectangular box located in the corner, is a filter feeding the engine

     All the mechanics made very accurately, safely, and still works properly. Wiring 4 transistor type 2N77 also works properly, except for the fact that 50 years have dried some electrolytes. In the recorder is no built-in speaker, and the use of headphones is not provided. Function headset combines a microphone. Its cable connects to the voice recorder 5-pin connector. Sound from a microphone - the dynamics becomes quite loud, but keep it near your ear is not very convenient, one hand turns all the time busy. Microphones also issued with a button remote control, which was provided for the inclusion of a chain lock.

      To adjust the volume and level of writing used by two separate regulator. Erase head is not electric, but has some kind of incomprehensible complicated design with two adjusting screws.

      The existing instructions I published that tape recorder worth $ 289.00, and $ 8.75 cassette. In the Internet I found information that in 1960 it sold for $ 314.00, equivalent to 2 250.00 $ money today. Also, this recorder is called the world's first cassette tape recorder.

     The device was bought in good condition, complete with a microphone - speaker, the original instruction, a family cluster in their original packaging, and high-quality leather bag shoulder mount. To bring it in working condition needed replacement belt and some dried electrolytes. Also had to combine advanced batteries for power and make a temporary battery cover, which was not available. In the future we plan to make this cover of aluminum to completely restore the original design.

Details of the filter covered with brown compound

On the motor shaft mounted centrifugal speed regulator

Instructions received with the recorder.

Original batteries and microphone - speaker button remote control. Photos from the Internet.




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