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Fi-Cord 303



Used Google translator

     Fi-Cord 303.    Portable reel recorder company “Stellavox”, Switzerland. Made in the mid 60-ies. The overall layout of this development model Fi-Cord 101, but the design has changed completely. Dimensions recorder 160 x 84 x 41 mm. Weight 750 g. Power supply 4,5 v, three AA batteries. Coils with a diameter of 5 cm (2 inches) can hold the tape in 24 minutes of recording. This model uses the head, which makes recording nearly the entire width of the tape. You can only record one track, and turn the spool to continue recording can not (also made a similar model two tracks Fi-Cord 300). As I said earlier, for arranging and available functions Fi-Cord 303 is similar to the Fi-Cord 101. Belt speed is stabilized, there is fast forward and rewind. Management is carried out by three buttons, and they are similar. Fast forward and rewind also carried out a single button, namely the depth of its pressing. Changed way of fixing the buttons. If in Fi-Cord 101 for fixing it was necessary to press the button against the stop and downwards, now enough simple pressing. The battery compartment is of similar design, is made in the form of a tube, but here it is plastic, and can be removed completely, together with batteries. Microphone, he is a speaker, is located in the same, but in the end of the body also has contacts for connecting external speakers with an amplifier. Pinch roller in the Fi-Cord 303 was wider, but not so wide, what do now. Erase head was this (previously used permanent magnet). In another place is the tape counter, and a similar model Fi-Cord 303A added light low battery detection. In this model, Fi-Cord 303 (without the letter A) no such indication. Redesigned connectors for external devices. It is to the left of the buttons. Housing apparatus cast, and serves as a chassis kinematics. Itself kinematics is quite complicated, and made very carefully, qualitatively. The engine is connected with the kinematics with flat belt. Another belt used for tape counter. In all models 300 and 303 there is an auto-stop with an tone signal.
     Electronics fairly complicated.
Auto-stop circuit, stabilizer of motor speed and generator erase collected on five transistor types 2N3702, AC151, BSX24. Universal power collected by 6 transistors type 2N2924, 2N2926, AC152, AC127. There is a volume control. The service works fine. Built-in microphone (he is a speaker) has a good sensitivity for recording, and a sufficient volume during playback. 
     It should be noted that in the model Fi-Cord 101 kinematics design was quite different, but it worked just as well. In this sense, the user or what has not changed. Qualitative changes gave normal electronics. This device is already possible to use as a full-fledged voice recorder. 

    The device was bought in working condition, complete with a leather bag, two spare reels of film, an external speaker, and a device for recording telephone conversations. This device has a suction cup, with which it is recorded on the handset, or on the TA.

Demo video

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Metallized coating on the magnetic tape closes two contacts - the guide rollers. The engine stops and a loud tone signal


Manual recorders Fi-Cord 300 and Fi-Cord 303

Price Fi-Cord 300 and Fi-Cord 303



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