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     Mezon.  Portable wire recorder. Produced in the USSR in the 60-70s for the KGB. Dimensions of the device 158 x 75 x 26 mm. Weight without batteries 500 grams. Wire on the coil is enough for 1.5 hours of continuous recording. Dimensions of the coil 35 x 12 mm., Hole diameter 14 mm. Rewind time 1 hour. Power is provided from 7 v battery "BOR" elements of the OR-2K (RC-63) Battery "DEAC", or the five elements of "Saturn", placed in an external container. Also, the voltage can be supplied from an external power source via a special adapter that is inserted into the battery compartment. Recording is carried out using a microphone, "Neva", or "T-65", compact headset TM-2, or a special adapter. No built-in speaker, listening to records by using the headset TM-2, or an external amplifier. To connect a microphone, headphone jack and adapter provided with the marking "M". The other two connectors are designed for use by remote control switch. To do this, gets out of the middle connector plug and connector plugs are inserted into the remote switch in accordance with the color-coded. The plugs have a diameter of 3 mm, and a few turns of thread at the base needed to prevent accidental jumping down from the plug connectors. For good fixation of the plug to be inserted into the slot until it stops, and turn several times clockwise thread. 
     Device management is carried out by a switch that off in the middle position "Stop", marked on the housing cover in blue circle. When you switch the switch to the position marked with a red circle, and closed the top cover, the recording, while the open - to play. Rewind the wire is carried out with an open lid and switch the switch clockwise until it stops.
Wiring the recorder collected on five transistors. Three of them (MP13B - 1 pc., MP41A - 2 pcs.) Are used in a universal amplifier, one (MP41A) - a universal bias in the generator head, and one (P213A) - in the motor control circuit with a centrifugal regulator. To reduce the interference power amplifier is placed in a shielded enclosure. Connectors, electric motor control circuit and the bias generator is assembled on a single board, located in the edge. To adjust the volume and level of writing is an attenuator with three fixed positions. Erasing head no, and deletion of records throughout the reel just by using a special demagnetizing inductor.
     The mechanism of the device is well designed, and manufactured quality. The only rubber belt transmits motion from the engine to the flywheel horizontally placed, which, in turn, rotates one of the two rubber faceplates, depending on the mode of operation is included. Universal head is moving up - down with the worm gear mechanism. There is a hitchhiking, triggered when the supply reel wire ends. At the same time in the spring-loaded lever is released reel-held coils of wire, and presses on the lever hitchhiking underneath the supply reel. He opens the contacts the food chain motor. More information about the design of the recorder is in the instructions posted at the bottom of the page.
     Factory equipment provided for the necessary set of accessories, some of which I have available. Together with the unit I received four additional reel, two of them with wire, AC adapter, the adapter record from an external signal, the adapter for non-contact recording of a telephone line, throttle erasing records, the battery "BOR", a set of cups for the elements of the OR-2K (RC -63), earphone TM-2 tube with a lubricant, and a device for charging wire.
     The unit is in good working order, which is surprising, since it was constructed in 1973, and in the design of rubber parts are available. Do not even had to change the rubber belt, but I replaced the lubrication mechanism. Wiring is also proved to be completely intact, the quality of the voice recording is good.

Video review, recording and playback

Photos can be enlarged


In the photo at the bottom bracket, which must be unscrewed to use the remote switch is turned on


In the photo below right arm is seen hitchhiking and group contacts, breaking the food chain motor


Spare spools, empty and with a wire, a set of cups for the elements of the OR-2K (RC-63), the tube with grease, and a device for charging wire


The photo on the right throttle degaussing wire


On the left adapter for recording from external signal sources to the right - an adapter for non-contact recording from the telephone line


Battery "BOR". Dimensions 53 x 23 mm. Weight 70 grams


Adapter to power the recorder from an external source voltage c 7 v


Microphone "Neva". Dimensions 30 x 11 mm. Weight: 18 grams


Headset TM-2


Manual wire recorder "Maison"

The electrical circuit of a wire recorder, "Mason"

Passport, the specification



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