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     Electronica-501-video.     Reel video recorder. Made in the USSR in Voronezh in 1977. This model is an extension of an earlier model of the video recorder "Electronica-video VMP-1", which began producing in 1974, and that was almost an exact copy of the Japanese video recorders Sony AV-3400 and Sony AV-3420. The latter differ from each other recording standard, AV-3400 - 30 fps, AV-3420 - 25 fps. Recording on a chrome-oxide tape 12,7 mm (1/2 inch) and a thickness of 27.5 mkm.

Video recorder provides:
    - Sound recording and a black and white video from a TV or camcorder
    - The imposition of a soundtrack to a previously recorded with a microphone
    - Video playback on the camcorder screen and sound through headphones or through the TV
    - Still playback on a TV or video
    - Erasing of sound and video
    - Rewinds the tape in either direction    

     Power is supplied from the AC adapter BPVM, or the battery voltage 12. The recording system is helical, two rotating video heads FM signal. Recording, playback - no less than 35 minutes on a reel. Belt speed - 16.32 cm / sec. Resolution - at least 250 lines. Audio range 80 - 10,000 Hz. Dimensions of the video recorder - 295 x 272 x 153 mm excluding protrusions, legs, hands. Weight about 9 kg.

     As I wrote above, the design copied from the Sony AV-3400, but there are some differences.
In the photo below - Japanese original.
Photos can be enlarged


      Kinematics and wiring copied completely, but there are differences in the design of the housing. In the Soviet version of the tape cast aluminum chassis is the middle part of his body (copied from another, already colored model Sony AV-8400). The chassis with one hand attached deck kinematics, and on the other - wiring board. The bottom cover is attached to the chassis with four brackets and screws. It provides good strength of the assembly, and easy access to the internal recorder. In the Japanese version Sony AV-3400 of the chassis is made of hard aluminum sheet. It is inserted into the iron casing, and attached to it with eight screws. This design also provides the necessary strength, but complicates disassembling recorder.
     Russian designers have finished unit rotary heads (URH). In Japanese there is a lack URH design. Brush commutator motor URH conductive adhesive bonded to the flat springs, which cover the foam inserts that provide the necessary clamping force brushes to the collector. Over time, subtle sag springs, foam collapses and brush contact with the collector disappears. In Soviet URH pressed normal brush springs, and similar problems do not arise. Appearance of Soviet URH makes a good impression, they look better than the Japanese, and they work even quieter than the Japanese, who are a little noisy during rotation.
     I have three video recorder "Electronica-video" different years of release, and all three were fully functional URH. For comparison, that before I was able to repair some recorders Sony AV-3400 and AV-3420, and in all cases we had to sort URH to restore contact with the collector brushes.
     Kinematics in Russian recorders made of sufficient quality, and comments on it there. However, the electronics is not so good. First of all, conspicuous abundance of wires that are in the Japanese version is not as noticeable. Harnesses made in the Soviet and wires themselves as poor. Also, there is a known problem with electrolytic capacitors. Domestic capacitors K50-6 in contrast to the Japanese, do not pass the test of time, and most of them should be changed. All my existing recorders kinematics and URH were serviceable, but had problems with the electronics.
     This video recorder all cool, and was even video output, but speed URH was not stable. This problem could handle, and after repair tape works well. Also had to replace all the Belts, and lubricate the bearing auxiliary motor.
     Acquainted with the design of interiors and URH Japanese original, please visit Sony AV-3400.

Manual and the wiring diagram video recorder "Electronica-501-Video" can be downloaded HERE or HERE. You can also see the operating instructions on the "Electronica-video_VMP-1", they are the same.

     In total in the circuit 82 transistors, KT358V - 56 pcs., KT342B - 10 pcs., KP303V - 4 pcs., KT801B - 3 pcs. KT603B - 2 pcs., GT321V - 2 pcs., GT403B - 1 pc., GT108G - 1 pc., KT315G - 1 pc., KT807A - 1 pc., MP20B - 1 pc. Of these, the video channel - 33 pcs., In a sound channel - 8 pcs., In the scheme of Servo - 35 pcs., In voltage regulator - 6 pieces.

The description of the video recorder Electronica-501-видео in magazine "Radio" є8 for 1974.

After repair the tape recorder works normally. Video footage recorded with a VCR VHS


Recording from the TV to the video recorder "Electronica-501-video"

From video recorder used a video camera "Electronics - 841" and the power supply BPVM model 501. Detailed photo camera can be viewed on the second page


     On the left is visible patch panel. In addition to connectors for external power supply and the camcorder has a separate connector for connecting the TV. In recorders modification "Electronica-video VMP-1" and a Sony AV-3400 this connector is not. In the photo to the right remove the battery cover


On the label is visible price 2100 rubles. That's about $ 2800 at the rate of 1977


     URH this design different from URH modern VCRs that the video heads mounted on the beam, rotating inside a rigid drum - Housing URH. The housing consists of two halves, fixed so that between them there is a gap of about 1.8 mm. URH installed horizontally, and the gap, wherein the moving head is also horizontally, and the tape slides along obliquely drum Guide band, fixed on its surface. The desired trajectory of the tape gives the track struts and coil with the tape at different levels. In modern VCRs head mounted in the rotating drum URH, reel tape are in the same plane, and the drum is angled URH.
    More information about the structure of
URH, please visit Sony AV-3400. It should be noted that if you copy was based on the very first modification of Sony AV-3400, and the case URH there was just such a design, with Guide band. On page Sony AV-3400 is shown later versions, and the Guide band on the housing there, but instead there is a corresponding protrusion formed in the manufacture of the body. In later versions URH were also added three additional springs Pincher tape on top, and hold it in position on the surface of the URH.  


I had the opportunity to delve into Sony AV-3400 early versions, and I made a few photos, including photos the URH from Guide band. See the photo below.


By the electronics boards visible familiar to Soviet electronic picture - the confusion of bundles and individual wires


In the photo below right is one of the electronic boards to get a better shot was visible scheme of kinematics. Lower left - auxiliary motor. Above it a large double pulley axis is capstan. URH right, and above it a pulley, which is transmitted to the rotation mechanism for winding and rewinding


On the left at the top and bottom of the photo board motor control


Copied to the location and shape of the board, and even the location of parts on the boards. However, in this tape wiring is slightly different from the original, in particular, added the relay switching. In the first tape recorders similar "Electronica-video VMP-1" wiring was identical Sony AV-3400


Auxiliary engine, also a collector


     By the way, in many publications on the Internet incorrectly stated that "Electronic-501-video" was a clone of the video recorder Sony DV-2400. The similarity between them is, but there are significant differences. For comparison, the photo below video recorder - Sony DV-2400. In addition, this system was strictly record only. It does not even rewind function. Rewinding the tape could be on another recorder, or at least use a small knob that had bundled and stored inside the lid of the recorder - In the upper right corner of the photo. Photo from .


Power supply BPVM model 501

The power supply to the video recorder function charger. On the front panel except the indicator and Power provides a connector for battery charging and a dial gauge. Output voltage 13,5 v. Dimensions 235 x 115 x 80 mm. Weight of 2.5 kg.



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