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      Electronica-508M-video. Home color video recorder. Made in 1982 in the USSR, on the Voronezh plant "Electronics". Previous modification of the "Electronica-508-video" began producing in 1979, and they differed design URH. The early versions used URH, which set back in the very first black and white domestic video recorders "Electronica-video VMP-1" and "Electronica-501-Video" (1974). These recorders were in turn a copy of the Japanese "Sony AV-3400" (1969).

 Video recorder "Electronica-508M-video" provides:

    - Records in black and white and color video from TV. Color system SECAM-3B.
    - Records in black and white video with a camera "Electronica-video."
    - Video playback on a color or black-and-white TV.
    - Record audio from a microphone.
    - Listen to audio through the earpiece.
    - Rewind the tape in both directions.
    - Erasing a recording.
    - Playback of recordings made on another video of this type (interchangeable).

     Video recorder is powered by an AC 220 V, 50 Hz. The recording system helical two rotating video heads. Recording time 45 min, while fast 5 minutes. Audio range 80-10 000 Hz. Dimensions 425 x 375 x 202 mm. Weight 15 kg. Detail the technical specifications can be found in the manual, which is available at the bottom of the page.
     Kinematics is made on three engines. 1 - engine speed
URH built into the casing. 2-speed motor drive shaft (drive shaft is the axis of the engine). 3 - induction motor winding and reeling. Special attention should rewind and take-up system. Instead of the usual rubber rollers or belt it uses aluminum disk rotation effect in a rotating magnetic field. Induction motor is in the middle, between the server and the receiver nodes, and moves to the right side of the hinge to the site, depending on the mode of operation. On the axis of the motor mounted magnetic coupling consists of two round magnets in the gap between them are edge nodes reeling aluminum wheels. Rotating magnets create the aluminum disc eddy currents and magnetic fields, which cause them to rotate. Was very unexpected to see such innovative products in the domestic video recorder turn of the 70's and 80's.
     The device has got me in perfect condition, sealed, and traces of repair inside I discovered. But of course it was defective. Kinematics earned almost immediately, needed only lubrication of the induction motor.
URH motors and drive shaft immediately began to rotate normally, ie their management scheme apparently intact. Recording and playback are not yet available, and this has yet to be sorted out. Most importantly, URH is in good condition, both heads intact, at least through the 30x microscope mechanical defects I discovered.
     Externally URH the video recorder is similar to an earlier design URH on tape "Electronica-501-Video", but has a fundamental design differences. In particular, the cabinet has been strengthened by increasing the thickness of the component parts, gauges moved to the bottom of the hull, the engine used a different design, the diameter of the drum is reduced from 115 mm to 105 mm.
In general, the design makes a good impression, all the mechanics made soundly, working fine, and no public comments on it there. The electronic boards also look good, done carefully. The prototype of the mechanics of this recorder is Philips LDL1002, was produced from 1968. A similar design also has a video recorder Unitra MTV10.

Photos can be enlarged


On the left of the top cover seal, in the photo on the right - the bottom


In the photo to the right mode rewind. Magnetic coupling is biased towards the delivery unit


The module color - A3


А2 - the Channel of a sound
А4 - the Channel of record of video
А5 - a regulator of speed
А7 - the Channel of reproduction of video


The video camera is not included with the tape, but intended to be used with video cameras such as "Electronica-video" or "Electronica-841". Detailed photo camera can be viewed at
"Electronica-501 video"

A photo is lower - the block of interface of video of the tape recorder with the TV such as USCT-2.


The circuit of the block of interface of the videorecorder with the TV such as USCT-2.

The electric circuit video recorder "Electronica-508 video"

Operating manual video recorder "Electronica-508 video"



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