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Used Google translator

     Microcassette (Steno-cassette) to a tape recorder Grundig DeJUR Execumate Stenorette. On this tape you can record one track for 30 minutes at a speed of 2.38 cm / sec. The cartridge design does not allow to curl up and make a second track record, but it has a built-in tape counter. The counter has a complex structure, it uses a few gears and worm screw. Almost all body parts and plastic tapes. Dimensions 65 x 45 x 10 mm, Weight 23 . gears and screw visible on the enlarged photographs. Also in the cassette has built-in contacts, which are likely to trigger hitchhiking. They are closed with metallic coating on the tape at the end of winding. Contact withdrawn on the underside of the tape, and when it is inserted, pressed to the appropriate contacts of the recorder. In my recorder when playing hitchhiking does not work, perhaps it is defective. However, when writing, when the tape ends, the speaker produces a loud sound of high tone. May serve as contacts for the inclusion of the warning signal.

     Information from Wikipedia: (Steno-Cassette) - format a tape for my tape recorder magnetic recording of sound, proposed by Grundig in 1971 (sales in 1973). In the 1970's and early 1980's steno-cassette spread to Germany and became the subject of a national standard DIN 32750 (1985). In 2008, the tapes and the recorders of this format continue to be sold under the brand Grundig Stenorette and positioned as a high-quality and expensive solution "for business" (the cost of the simplest recorders from 200 euros). In 1995, the same Grundig brought to market, in addition to the family Stenorette, a family of microcassette recorders, and a catalog company in 2008 represented the family for three recorders - two analog and digital.

Photos can be enlarged


In the photo on the left you can compare the sizes of cassettes of different formats. In the photo on the right contacts are visible in the lower right corner of the tape.



The original headset in a plastic box to the recorder Grundig DeJUR Execumate Stenorette. They were made in the early 70's.



Set of reels with a ribbon in the original plastic box to the recorder Stuzzi Memocord 304 B. At the coil diameter of 42 mm can be made up to 1 hour recording, four tracks of 15 minutes. Tape width 1/4 inches. Every 6 cm on the tape marked digital tags (three-digit number), that help find the right place record. They were made in the 60-ies in Austria.



Original set of batteries for portable wire recorders Minifon Mi51 and Minifon P55. These recorders are made in Germany in the 50's, and their electronics were collected on tubes. Accordingly, the required three-voltage, 12 v engine, 1,5 v for filament lamps, and the anode voltage 30 v. In the photo on the left of the original battery is 12 v, its size is 89 x 33 x 33 mm, weight 150 g. On the right battery 29 v type RM-413. Its dimensions are 62 x 26 x 16 mm, weight 60 g.


In the photo at the bottom of a mercury battery 1,5 v - "Mercury Energizer". Its shape and dimensions are the same as in modern AA batteries, but the polarity is reversed.



Headset TM-2M "Octave". Made in 1969 in the USSR, winding resistance 60 ohms. This headset I got bundled with the Soviet dictaphone Electron 52D. These recorders were made in 1969 in Poltava, and are almost an exact copy of Japanese Tinico.



Audio cassettes Elcaset. This format was proposed by Sony in 1976 as an alternative to high-quality compact cassette. Dimensions 152 x 106 x 18 mm. Weight 145 grams without the box. In the cassette tape is used width 6.35 mm (1 / 4 inch), both in reel to reel tape recorders.

The photo on the left a new, unopened tape. Right open.


The photo on the right you can compare the sizes Elcaset and compact cassettes.




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