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Tinico and Electron 52D




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     Tinico.       Portable Recorder - a toy. Produced in Japan in the early 60's. Dimensions 160 x 64 x 40 mm. Weight 350 g. Power motor 1,5 v, two AA batteries connected in parallel, the power wiring 9 v, battery type PP3. Housing plastic. Kinematics of simple, on one engine, without stabilization of speed. The engine is located horizontally between reel tables, and the shaft, acting on both sides of the engine, rotates either one or the other rubberized reel table. Coil diameter 45 mm (1.75 inches) can hold the reel 10 minutes of work. Circuit collected at 2-type transistors 2SB75. There is one connector jack (3,5 mm) to connect the microphone and earpiece. The volume control there, and erase head is used instead of a permanent magnet. Nevertheless, despite the simplicity of design, the machine makes a good impression, and appearance, and quality of work. It really can be used as a voice recorder. It is also known for producing a replica Tinico named Electra 707 Candid. Perhaps there were other names.

     Electron 52D.      Soviet copy Tinico. Performed in Poltava in 1968, or 1967. The exact date of commencement of production has not yet been set. Operating Instructions began printing in 1967, and the earliest known instance of the recorder with the serial number 037 dated January 1968. Of course this is not an exact copy Tinico, there are minor differences, and even some improvement. For example, in the winding of the motor is fed 3 v, and recording - playing a 1,5 V, but Tinico always 1,5 v. Circuit collected at three transistors (GT109A - 2 pcs, GT108A - 1 pc), without transformers. Slightly changed dimensions - 160 x 67 x 44 mm, and the case became more angular. Weight has not changed - 370 g. The quality of manufacture of our apparatus is not worse than the Japanese, and works, I think, even better.

     Produced as more complex analogues of the recorder under the names Monacor, "Elektra 770", "Star-lite Pocket Mate". On the surface, and structurally they are similar, but in the past has a built-in speaker, speed of the engine, and volume control.

     Tinico was bought in working condition. It turned out the old batteries, which also pose a collector's interest. Electron 52D was purchased in Russia, and in working condition. It took just spinning the engine by hand to re-establish contact with the oxides of carbon brushes contact the collector.

For ease of comparison, both sets of structures, in the left column Tinico, and to the right lectron 52D. Photos can be enlarged


Tinico designed to work with piezoceramic headset. Electron 52D - dynamic headphones.


Manual and circuit voice recorder Electron 52D kindly provided by a collector and amateur Andrew Sologubov (RV3DOI).


The electrical circuit and the specification of the recorder Electron 52D