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Яхта-1М (Yacht-1M) / Явiр-1




     Яхта-1М (Yacht-1M) / Явiр-1 Two-channel voice recorder, a copy of the legendary Swiss dictaphone Nagra SNST. It was made in 1993 at the Kiev special machinery factory, or the Research Institute Manuilsky, now the SRI "MARS". Copied it was very scrupulous, but only its mechanical part. Electronics is absolutely original, Soviet, assembled on special microassemblies. Probable beginning of production in 1988. The dictophone itself is externally different from the Swiss original only by the lack of a pointer voltage indicator / signal level. Instead, put the LED, which in general, it is logical, though less functional, it is impossible to estimate the degree of discharge of batteries. In the kit, as with Nagra SNST, there is a playback unit with separate adjustments for each channel, a filter, an expander, a built-in speaker, and a signal level indicator. This block is also externally and functionally similar to the Swiss one, but there are many constructive differences. Also included are microphones with wire and without wires, inductive sensors for recording telephone conversations, AC adapter, battery pack for 2 D type batteries with remote start button, separate remote power button, audio cable, headphone interface directly to the recorder, and coils with tape and without tape.
     In addition, I was fortunate to receive, together with the recorder, all the technical documentation with diagrams, assembly drawings. On the cover of the book with the documentation is written Явiр-1. Since my recorder was made in 1993, it is clear that the new name appeared after 1991, when Ukraine became independent, and a wave of replacing Russian names with Ukrainian ones began. It should be noted that almost all the documentation is dated by dates no later than 1991.
     The recorder works fine, but unfortunately I do not have the opportunity to perform comparative tests with the prototype Nagra SNST. Those who compared argue that the domestic version works worse than the original. Nevertheless, the quality of voice recording is good, but the sensitivity is not enough. I did not try to record music, but it is not intended for this, since the claimed frequency band of 170 - 6000 Hz for music is clearly not enough. Nagra SNST was intended for reporter and espionage purposes, and Яхта-1М was only for spying, there was no talk of music, although in fact it was a stereo tape recorder. I will add that the mechanics of the recorder works very quietly, ideally for use as a special equipment.

     Also I will add that Yavir is the Ukrainian name of one of the species of the maple tree.

Specifications of the recorder Яхта-1М / Явiр-1:

Dimensions of the recorder with protruding details - 156 x 103 x 27 mm
Dimensions of the recorder without projecting details - 148 x 101 x 27 mm
Weight of the recorder - 600 g. Without batteries and coils
The speed of the belt is stable - 2.38 cm / s
Belt width - 3.81 mm
Time of continuous recording with tape thickness -
9 microns - 3 hours 08 minutes
12.5 microns - 2 hours 32 minutes
18 microns - 1 hour 44 minutes
Power - 2-3 v, two AA batteries, according to the passport elements A-316 "Прима", or the battery in ЦНК-0,45
The current consumption of the recorder - at a power supply of a dictaphone of 2,5 v no more than 120 ma
Frequency band - 170 - 6000 Hz
The detonation coefficient is not more than 0.35%
The harmonic distortion factor is not more than 3%

    Scans of the main electrical circuits can be found at the bottom of the page. If the specification interests, write to me on mail. All images are enlarged to normal size.

Compare - on the left "Yacht-1M", on the right "Nagra SNST". This photo was sent to me by a collector of rare technology from Hungary, known in the appropriate forums under the pseudonym "Quad".

Photos can be enlarged

Using buttons 1 and 2, the recording indication in channels 1 and 2, respectively, is activated. If there is a signal at the input, the red "КНЗ" LED lights up. Using the "КН" button, the power supply voltage indication is provided. When the voltage is low, the LED "КОНТРОЛЬ ПИТАНИЯ" (Power check)

In order to remove the bottom cover, it is necessary to loosen three large-diameter screws on the side walls of the recorder

Rewinding in this recorder is mechanical, as it is made clear from photographs

To unlock the rewind knob, press the button on the side. At that, the handle rises above the level of the coils with a tape

On the inside of the top cover, beneath the curly spring, there is a tool for adjusting the heads. With it, you can rotate the adjusting gears located under the heads

The control button has three positions. From left to right - REWIND - STOP - PLAY / RECORD

A large electronics board is an amplifier, a small one is an engine control. Everything is assembled on microassemblies

A pairing device for connecting headphones directly to a voice recorder without a playback unit

Inductive sensors for recording telephone conversations

At the bottom left is an audio cable and a battery pack with a remote power button

Microphones are wired and without wires, as well as a remote control button (with a purple wire). Microphones use electret microphones of the type M1-B2 "Сосна" (Pine)

In the bottom left, connect the recorder to the playback unit. On the right is the connection of a microphone without a wire, a microphone with a wire, and a power supply connector

These photos I did right after unpacking. Some accessories were in sealed original packaging

Playback block. Above the expander board, below the amplifier

The playback unit has been sealed. Before opening, I certainly photographed the seal

AC Adapter

The AC adapter was also sealed, with the same seal as the playback unit, with the number 30


Recorder-assembly drawing-1
Recorder-assembly drawing-2

Playback Device
Playback amplifier

Speed controller
Microassembly 41ГС1
Microassembly 41ЕМ2
Microassembly 41ЖК32
Microassembly 41УН5
Microassembly 41УТ9
Microassembly 41ЖА3
Microassembly 41ЖА6